How Can I Create a Website?

How can I create a website?

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is, “What made you decide to launch a website, and how did you get started?  How can I build a website?” So it’s only fitting that I address this one while Savvy Online Shoppers group is still in its infancy.

I have been involved in a number of network marketing and mlm programs in the past, and partly because of that background, I was invited to partner with the other writer/researchers to launch a website that provide the ‘straight skinny’ on products, services, and yes… even programs that promise to help you make money on the internet.

Mind you, none of us who had this rather ambitious idea had any previous experience in website design, in fact, we are still learning. Therefore, as it was necessary to acquire such skills, we partnered with an educational firm called Wealthy Affiliate who has an online training program that teaches step by step website design. (They also offer website hosting and have a multitude of tools for the aspiring internet entrepreneur.)

As I mentioned previously, having been involved in a number of network marketing programs that made rather spectacular claims, I was somewhat skeptical. However, I found that the training program that takes you all the way through the initial process of setting up your own website, and actually establishing an online presence was not only made relatively painless and fairly simple, but it was FREE. You are ‘sampling’ the result at currently. By no means a ‘finished work’, it will continue to grow and evolve as we develop and hone our web design skills, but I am here to say that the tools and web templates truly are ‘first-rate’ and make it easy to get started online.

I am continuing with Wealthy Affiliate university for additional training. They have over 1 million member participants who are making money with their own online businesses, and I am confident that by following the training provided and the excellent examples of ‘those who have gone before’ (who incidentally offer guidance and input as needed) we will succeed in not only providing relevant content on this site, but also ‘monetize’ the finished product as others have done with their respective endeavors.

If you have ever had a dream of doing anything more than just working for a living, making money for others and ‘being tossed crumbs’ yourself, leaving your job, or merely supplementing your current income,  (This is certainly something you can do part time and from home anywhere in the world.) I strongly suggest you take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It’s totally FREE to try it, and can decide if continuing to learn to prosper in today’s internet world is right for you.

Sincerest best wishes in your own career path, whatever that may be.


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